Dagny Kron

Calling Heir to the Throne Nature Visionary
Pantheon Aesir God Frigg
Legend ••
[X] [ ]
[ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ]
Willpower •••••
[X] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Courage •• Endurance •••
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Expression • Loyalty ••
[ ] [X] [ ]
Determinations 0 Moments of Truth 0


Strength •• Charisma •••• Perception ••
Dexterity •• Manipulation ••••• Intelligence •••
      º   º
Stamina ••• Appearance ••• Wits •••
  º       º


Academics •• º Empathy ••••• º Medicine Survival •••
Animal Ken •• Fortitude •• Melee Thrown
Athletics •• Integrity •••• º Occult ••••• Art
º Awareness ••••• Investigation º Politics ••••• Art
Brawl Larceny º Presence ••••• Control
Command •••• Marksmanship Stealth Control

Battle Stats

Dodge DV: 3
Join Battle: 8+1

Soak: 1A/3L/4B

-0 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
-2 [ ] [ ]
-4 [ ] [ ]
I [ ]
D [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Move: 2 yards
Dash: 8 yards
Jump: 4 yards

Resist: 12
Lift: 50 lbs
Throw: 5 yards
Perceive: 3 (see 6 yards; hear 6 yards; smell 3 yards)

Name Attr Abil Spd Acc Dmg Type Def Rng Atk Pool Damage PDV
Clinch Str Brawl 6 0 0 B 0 - 2 2B -
Unarmed, Heavy Dex Brawl 5 -1 3 B -2 - 1 5B 0
Unarmed, Light Dex Brawl 4 1 0 B 1 - 3 2B 2


Ear Cuff Folding Mirror Studded Driving Glove
ear_cuff.jpg folding_mirror.jpg driving_glove.jpg
Relic ••
Fertility, Magic
Relic ••
Be Kind, Rewind:
Can spend 2 wp to recall the most recent vision over the course of 24 hours as if viewing with a video player
Force a Vision: Can spend current Legend level in points to force a vision to surface; cannot force new vision until current one comes to fruition
Relic •


Strength Dexterity Stamina
Holy Fortitude
Charisma Manipulation Appearance
Inspirational Figure
God’s Honest
Overt Order
Perception Intelligence Wits
Perfect Memory
Meditative Focus
Instant Assessment


Fertility •

Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
Gaia’s Touch 1L - Communicate with plants and pass through them unhindered.

Frost •

Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
Frost Immunity - - Become immune to cold and Frost Boons.

Jotunblut •

Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
Heroic Stature - - Gain one permanent health box and become able to purchase Strength and Stamina one dot higher than normal.

Magic •

Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
The Unlidded Eye 1L Per+Occ See magical phenomena and identify relics on sight.

Prophecy •

Most Prophecy boons cause fatigue penalties to apply to the Attributes of Scions who use them.

Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
Hero’s Herald - - Give others in your band a large one-time bonus to a roll for an event you foresee.

Current Fatigue Penalties

  • Frailty: Scion suffers a penalty of half her Prophecy boons to all her soaks.
  • Weakness: Scion suffers a penalty of half her Prophecy boons as autos from all damage rolls that use the Strength Attribute.
  • Quick Temper: Scion suffers a penalty of her total number of Prophecy boons as dice from all rolls made to use Charisma knacks.
  • Fate is merciful; the Scion suffers no penalty.
  • Clumsiness: Scion suffers a penalty of half her Prophecy boons to her DVs.

XP Log

XP Spent 0 XP Banked 15 Total XP 15
Hero Cost Demigod Cost God Cost
Total XP Total XP Total XP

(Image: Marine V by przemkalsky)

Age: 17
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 134 lb.
First Appearance: Visitation: Dagny
Theme Song: Mercy in Darkness by Two Steps From Hell


Dagny Kron never knew her father. She never knew her mother either, but judging by how her uncle had no clue what his brother had gotten into to suddenly have a daughter, she had no chance of meeting her mother anyway. As far back as she can remember, she was brought up in her Uncle Johann and Aunt Laurette’s household, on a sizeable property in Newfoundland. She grew up there with five dogs, three cats, two horses, some chickens, and occasionally Stefan the moose. She also grew up alongside five other children (four boys and one girl), of whom she was the oldest — as such, she was often placed in charge of them and quickly learned how to be a commanding, responsible, and respectable big sister.

Uncle Johann was an avid survivalist. He would often take Dagny on camping and backpacking trips throughout the summer and winter and he imparted to her his knowledge and skills. At night he would tell her stories of the Norse gods: of Odin’s sacrifice, Thor’s scrapes, and Loki’s trickery, of Frigg’s hard work to protect her son Baldur and his being brought low by poisoned mistletoe. He also taught her some of the Asatru holy rituals, which they would perform faithfully on holidays. That is, at least, until she turned six and the stories seemed to come to life... at which point they were forced to stop lest they attract government attention. It was during these trips, though, that Dagny grew close to her uncle so even to this day hiking and camping remains an energizing and centering experience... assuming one doesn’t encounter Titanspawn or Scions on the trip. A rare thing indeed, nowadays.

Everything Changed When the Titanspawn Attacked

Not long after she turned 13, a man named Josef came by in the middle of the night, a massive, very striking fellow with bright blue eyes (very much like her own). His arrival awoke Dagny — and there was something about him that made her extremely curious. She snuck into the hall to watch from the shadows and listen in on what he was saying. He urged her Uncle Johann to leave Newfoundland. Now. He and his family were in danger as long as they stayed there — and while he came as quickly as he could to warn them, he wasn’t sure if they even had time to pack anything more than some clothes and a few valuable possessions. Josef promised to do what he could to take care of their homestead, but they had to go. When her uncle finally agreed, Josef then told Dagny to rouse the others and get them to the car.

This startled her. She was sure she was being absolutely quiet. Her aunt and uncle were just as surprised, which means they hadn’t noticed her. This fellow’s back was facing her. There was no way he could’ve known. But she didn’t waste any more time and did as she was told.

While they were cramming the last bits of clothing into their suitcases, the sounds of howling rose up around them. Dagny had heard wolves before, and while they could be creepy at this time of night, they had never sent such chills down her spine.

Josef told them to make a break for it — he would cover their escape. And then she saw it, clear as day: he grew even more massive, his skin turned a frosty blue, and his hands and forearms became encased in ice. He then rushed them out of the house.

The run to the car was the second-longest eternity Dagny had ever experienced. Wolves bigger than Dagny had ever seen, with glowing red eyes, surrounded them but Josef swatted them away easily, or caught them mid-pounce and tossed them. Her uncle fired off a few shots with his shotgun, but in the chaos she didn’t know if it did any good. Though this legion of wolves seemed endless, they managed to get to the car safely, after which point Josef disappeared into the darkness to continue to ensure their escape.

But that’s when Dagny realized that the youngest was missing.

Without hesitation, she told them that she was going to find little Eveline, got out of the car (despite the screaming protests of her aunt and uncle), and booked it back to the house. She rushed through, only glancing around briefly. Part of her must’ve known Eveline wasn’t there because before she knew it her feet carried her out back, returning to the darkness, possibly to the mercy of the wolves.

Instead of her imminent death, she heard, “Here, Snowball. Heeere, Snowball.”

Dagny rushed toward that sound and found Eveline near the shed, beckoning unsuccessfully to one of their terrified cats. She reassured her youngest cousin that Snowball could take care of herself and grabbed her hand to lead her to the car.

As she turned, she found herself staring right into two malicious red eyes, feeling hot breath on her skin, and smelling the sharp scent of blood. She turned back to cover Eveline with her body just before it sprang.

At the distinct lack of pain and the strangled yelp, Dagny poked her head up to see Josef, his icy hands coated in frozen blood. The ice dissipated, his skin returned to normal and he lifted Dagny and Eveline up effortlessly, bounded clean over the house, and took them to the car where her uncle was holding his ground, firing his shotgun. Her aunt had taken the driver’s seat, ready to put pedal to the metal.

As Dagny buckled Eveline in to her car seat, Josef shook his head and said, “Gods, girl, you look so much like your mother.” With that he returned to the task of protecting them. Dagny strapped herself in, her uncle jumped into the passenger’s side, and they burned rubber out of there.

Dagny cast one last look out the back window. Just before the car got far enough to cast Josef in darkness, she saw him swarmed by the monstrous wolves.

They drove for nearly a day straight, reaching Quebec City in record time. It was there they learned that Canada was suffering a massive attack — many people were fleeing to major cities... of which there were very few. It didn’t take long for them to become overcrowded. Canadian officials were petitioning the United States to open their borders for Canadian citizens.

That was where Dagny got her first taste of politics. Fellow refugees constantly discussed it and watched or listened to political debates and speeches, waiting on the edge of their seats for word from the US. Uncle Johann became obsessed and began to turn nearly every conversation, no matter how inocuous, into one about politics. Dagny spent most of her time listening, simply taking it all in with avid interest. It fascinated her that a question that required a simple “Yes” or “No” took so long for a nation to answer — not because it was a question of doing the right thing (housing Canadian refugees would strengthen an alliance and give the US more bodies for their military; resources weren’t a problem because the US had been in a surplus for decades), but because of indecision.

Finally, though, the US agreed to open its borders to some Canadians. Names would be drawn from a lot and they’d be sent to a specific part of the US. Uncle Johann breathed a sigh of relief when his family’s name was called. From there they were settled in Rutland, Vermont, and, after one long year, they were able to start living a normal life again.

A Normal Life

High school was like a completely different world to Dagny, with completely different rules. It was so separate from reality — focusing on social lives and relationships while the chaos continued on in the world outside. Curious, she explored it; she moved from clique to clique, effortlessly making friends among each. She listened to rumors, paid attention to who was going out with whom, and was very aware of the undercurrents of the interactions between her fellow students.

Only one of her fellow students seemed to be aware of and actively care about the world outside: Elliot Thompson, a senior who was part of the overachievers clique. They met when she overheard him talking about how the worlds’ governments were essentially fighting a two-front war and it’s only because the other two sides were so focused on each other that they managed to survive — but that if they wanted to start pushing back in a significant way they’d have to make alliances. This statement resonated with Dagny — he sounded so much like Uncle Johann, except a lot more level-headed. Unable to help herself, she started engaging Elliot in a discussion. They walked away from that conversation having arranged a coffee date for that Friday.

The fact that she was dating a senior opened the door for her to the upperclassmen and gained her more respect (and even awe in some cases) from the older girls. Her web of influence quickly grew.

It wasn’t until she successfully managed to turn impending violence between the varsity jocks and druggies into a solid alliance simply by pulling strings in the right places that she realized just how powerful her influence was. She, as a freshman, had singlehandedly changed the dynamics of the school while maintaining a 3.5 average gpa. This didn’t escape Elliot, which only made her admire him more and grow more attached to him. Good thing, too, because he graduated that year and was accepted to Castleton State College. Where normal relationships would’ve fallen apart after a while due to the vast difference in awareness between a high school and college student, Dagny and Elliot continued to see each other regularly. He even invited her to Active Minds Club meetings at his college, which helped educate her and expand her perspective.

Meanwhile, her uncle’s household was slowly becoming divided. Uncle Johann, unable to stay quiet about political matters, began to speak out in active support of Scions, joining protests and demonstrations. Aunt Laurette urged him to keep quiet, not to draw attention to them, lest the US government decide that these Canadian refugees had overstayed their welcome. It was when the FBI closely interviewed Dagny, her aunt, and all her cousins that tension really began ramping up. Aunt Laurette tried to appeal to him: in order to keep his family safe he has to keep his head down. He argued that this matter was bigger than family — this was about the world, and if people like him stayed quiet then they were all doomed. Finally she resorted to threatening divorce... and was forced to make good on the threat when he tried to call her bluff, halfway through Sophomore year.

During this time Dagny paid less and less attention to the high school politics, letting her influence fade. It didn’t matter, in the long run, and she was dealing with a lot of stress in her academics and at home. She was left to take care of her cousins whenever her aunt and uncle fought; and later, when they started arranging the terms of the divorce, Dagny became the cousins’ emotional rock. All the same, Dagny quickly chose to live with her uncle. She found that living with Aunt Laurette was painful — her aunt did everything she could to pretend that everything was fine and that politics didn’t exist. Living with Uncle Johann was a much more genuine experience, even if nearly every discussion did eventually become a political rant and they never really got to go camping anymore.

The hardest part was when Dagny’s cousins came over to fulfill the custody agreement. There was many a night she found herself comforting them, trying to help them understand and cope with the fact that mommy and daddy weren’t together anymore.

So, her only respite was her time with Elliot, and in her crappy just-above minimum wage summer job at a frozen yogurt shop. She managed to save up enough money for a 1994 Honda Civic, which allowed her to get her Junior License.

Things Go Downhill

In late December 2012, Uncle Johann participated in a demonstration that went very wrong. What started as a protest that was blockaded by policemen with shields turned into a chaotic riot that was very quickly put down. Nobody knows which side was the aggressor. Regardless, Dagny’s uncle was hospitalized with the legal stipulation that, once he was well enough, he would be deported back to Canada. At this point it was a very grim sentence indeed: Canada was in a very bad way, having been hit hard by Titanspawn and Scion alike.

As a result, Dagny began to move back in with Aunt Laurette. But she found her aunt largely dismissive about this whole situation. Though hugely resentful, Dagny simply sucked it up and, if it got too bad, she would spend the night in her uncle’s empty apartment. But, as the deadline passed and Uncle Johann was sent back to Canada, that resentment mixed with stress from school and righteous anger on behalf of her confused and bereaved cousins. Dagny finally tried to elicit some sort of reaction from Aunt Laurette, to see if she even ever cared about Uncle Johann. But Dagny did her job too well: raw nerves were quickly exposed. For the first time, she had a serious fight with one of her family members. It ended with her aunt kicking her out of the house.

Dagny packed her bags. It wasn’t until she’d pulled out of the driveway that she realized that she had no other place to stay. In a panic she pulled to the side of the road and called the only other person she could think to call: Elliot. She broke down almost immediately as she tried to babble to him what had happened.

After talking her down, he offered to let her stay at his place however long she needed. She managed to remain calm up until she walked into his apartment, at which point she broke down entirely in a combination of grief, relief, and gratitude. Elliot comforted her.

When she woke up the next morning beside him, Dagny finally felt as if everything would be all right. He introduced her to his roommates, and from that point on she had a home.

Things Go Downhiller

Though there was no saving Uncle Johann from his sentence, the demonstration that he participated attracted a lot of attention. Many people were convinced this display of force was unnecessary, some even to the point of wanting to exercise their rights to do something about it. Elliot was one such person. After Dagny had described to him what had happened — the fact that her uncle had been hospitalized for serious trauma and then deported once he could walk on his own, without a trial — Elliot simply could not get set the righteous indignation aside. What concerned him most was the rest of the US was content to keep its head down, favoring security over freedom. He seized the reins and spurred his fellow Active Minds Club members to come up with solutions, ways to make people more aware.

Dagny never figured out what solutions they deemed best, however. It was due to the sheer workload her AP classes piled on her (which, she noted with irony, was far more than the workload piled on her boyfriend by his professors)... at first, that is.

In March of her Junior year, close to her birthday, Dagny discovered that it was not, in fact, the seasonal stomach flu that was making her sick, nor was the stress of her seemingly endless piles of homework messing up her biorhythms; it was the little plus sign on a pee stick she managed to get from the university’s medical center.

Dagny’s first course of action was to find a chance to sit down and discuss it with Elliot. In the beginning they both agreed that the best thing would be to not keep the child. Together they went over the lifestyle changes they’d have to make: she’d have to drop out of school — leaving behind the drama and the burned-out teachers and the busywork in favor of a real life — and get a job, he’d have to take a ton of units over the summer and again in the fall and spring, but then he’d get his degree in three years instead of four, they’d have to find a new place together; in the meantime they’d have to shop for baby clothes and diapers and a crib and a stroller and toys... oh, and they’d have to discuss names...

It wasn’t until they had spent the entire night animatedly talking about the plan of action that they would have to take when they realized their actual decision was entirely different from the one they started out with.

Dagny finished up her junior year and took the high school equivalency exam. Elliot, when not busy with classes, pushed his Active Minds Club members to find more and more dramatic and demonstrative ways to wake people up, to make them more aware of what was happening around them. When given a chance, he told Dagny about the ideas they came up with in an effort to include her in the club despite her inability to attend the meetings on a regular basis.

Despite that, however, she never knew what it was that got him arrested in September for alleged acts of terrorism. In fact, she only figured out about his arrest due to the fact that, a week or so after she reported Elliot missing, she came home from work to be almost instantly approached by two FBI agents. They interviewed her extensively and left with no news about his well-being, just that he was “being detained.”

They had only just moved into a small, rundown place in Hubbardton a couple months prior. Before, it had seemed too small. But as Dagny woke up alone every morning, surrounded by Elliot’s stuff as if he’d never left, it felt too impossibly large and empty. Moreover, she had roughly two months to figure out how she would raise this child by herself. For the first time in over half a year she thought about her aunt again... but Dagny knew that ship had long since sailed. There was no one to run to, no one who would help her pick up the pieces if she broke down. Her only option would be shore herself up and to make it work, however she could. So she set herself to the task. No matter how grim things might seem, she could make it work. She was raised by a survivalist, after all, so she was well-equipped to survive.

Little did she know, things were about to get grimmer...

Dagny Kron

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